Swiss Technology Components S.A.


SWISS TECHNOLOGY COMPONENTS was founded in 2013 to manufacture Swiss-Made watch cases.
SWISS TECHNOLOGY COMPONENTS evolved into a prime supplier of engineering services, a renowned manufacturer of watch cases and complete watches as well as a logistic service center for our customers.
Our Engineering Team supports your ideas and your products to the top of your expectations. Our efficient cost structure is your key advantage for high quality products, meeting your margin target.
Our integrated production capabilities provide you the flexibly you need to succeed in today’s customer focused environment.


Swiss-Made Complete watches
 SWISS TECHNOLOGY COMPONENTS develops together with you the exact collection of watches that is right for your brand. 
Our long-term suppliers and our in-house capabilities bring you the products you have in mind, at the finest quality level. Upon your request, we are able to integrate your existing components providers in our supply chain to ensure flawless continuity of your product line.
Our quality assurance Team ensures that your products exceed each of your requirements.


Swiss Technology Components S.A.

  • Rue des Places 13
  • 2855 Glovelier
  • Suisse
  • tél. +41 32 427 3600